School Visits

I visit schools to read my books and teach kids how to draw using a simple yet effective technique. I find it exhilarating, inspiring and quite regularly, laugh-out-loud funny!

If you’re interested in a school visit, please contact me by email at

Teacher comments…

Dear Tim, Thank you for the fun, the art plus lots and lots of malarkey! You are truly inspiring!

I just wanted to say a huge ‘Thank you’ from everyone at school. I know the children all had a wonderful day, as did the staff. I had to wrestle your book away from some children at 3.30 yesterday and make them go home! I have also just seen pictures that children are drawing on the playground based on the drawings that you did with them yesterday!! We are so grateful for the way you have inspired us all.

Chieveley Primary School


Tim visited our school and did workshops with Years 2 through to Year 6 over two days. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, seeing how Tim created his monsters and hearing him reading out the poems that went with the pictures. After seeing how Tim created his monsters, the children then all learnt how to draw various animals and how to change the expression on their faces. They were all engaged and were inspired to use the techniques taught, to create their own masterpieces. Thank you Tim!

Parsons Down Partnership


We were lucky enough to have Tim Furr visit our school on World Book Day. The children in year 2 and 3 enjoyed a fabulous workshop with him. He created a real buzz in every year group. All the children and staff listened enthusiastically to his stories and loved learning how to draw his characters; we now have beautiful illustrations all around the classrooms!

 Thank you, Tim, you made our World Book day celebrations even better! We hope to welcome you back to our school very soon.

The Winchcombe School


“We have had such a fantastic time. Thank you so much! The cubs and their parents have all commented on how great the sessions were and lots of thanks have been sent your way. When we run art nights ourselves you can always tell those that are not so keen and lose concentration really early on. However, they were all so engaged and all produced some amazing drawings including the leaders:) Highly recommended, engaging, and fun. Thanks Tim!”


“Tim was brilliant with my Year 2 class. They were enthralled listening to the stories and he encouraged them to join in, which they loved. After hearing the stories and his journey to become an author they were inspired to write their own stories. The drawing workshop Tim ran was also a great success. They were completely engaged and are still using the clever techniques he taught them.”


“The children thoroughly enjoyed talking about and sharing your wonderful illustrations and then using letters to draw lots of different animals. We would love to invite you to share your next book with us too!”

Messages from Parents…

You visited my daughter’s school this week and her reaction to your visit has been so positive.  She really struggles with anxiety and talking to people and from what I understand she managed to speak to you.  Since she got home on Monday, Olivia has continued to draw and recreate the characters so I just wanted you to know that for us, you’ve had a very positive impact, and for that I’m very grateful.


‘Chew! Chew! Swallow! Swallow! Munch! Munch!’ is Williams’s absolute favourite book! We have to read it to him every night, more than once and in the day too if he can get his hands on it! So thank you for writing a fantastic story that brings him so much joy.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing Monsters book. Tim has very kindly personalised pretty much every page! Just wow! The time and care he has put into that book is so heartwarming and amazing. Georgie and Matthew, in fact, all of us, absolutely love it. Please pass on our thanks to Tim.  Since Tuesday Georgie and Matthew have not stopped drawing. I can see a remarkable improvement in Matthew’s drawings. They haven’t stopped talking about it. They have been so inspired. Huge thank you to the school for organising this. The kids have loved it! And thanks to Tim for inspiring a bunch of school kids to draw, have fun, and understand the value of drawing/illustrating.


‘You visited my son’s school on Monday and I just wanted to let you know how much he enjoyed your visit and to say a very big thank you for the wonderful and personal additions you made to Codie’s copy of your book. It’s wonderful and has been showed off with much pride!  He has even been inspired to start colouring it in!  And we loved his drawings too!  What a brilliant thing you do, thank you!’

‘I would just like to say, a massive thank you. My son said he had a brilliant time and couldn’t wait to show us what he had drawn today.’


‘For the first time ever, my son has rushed out of school to show me what he had done today. It was your art. Thank you so much!’


‘Just wanted to let you know, what an amazing educational day that was! Alex was so excited and inspired and the drawings were just outstanding. I never knew my son could draw like that! He wants to frame them now and hang them in his room!’


‘Thank you for the exciting fire you created in Keegan. He loved the day!’


‘My daughter has come home from spending time with you today and continuing her drawings. Thank you! Loving the books!’


‘My son is really enjoying your books and loved the drawing by letters. He hopes you can come back and work with his class again!’