Square peg seeks a round hole…

Tim has been creative since he’s had mud on his knees and cream in his donuts. As a young boy he wrote to Bill Nicholson, manager of the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, asking for a trial. Tim explained to Bill that he was a young star waiting to shoot. Alas, Tim didn’t receive a reply from Bill and Spurs have never won the league since (just sayin’).
Tim realised quite quickly he would never play centre forward quite the same way his hero, Jimmy Greaves did, so he picked up his pencil and carried on drawing. As a self-proclaimed simpleton and lifetime under achiever, Tim has wandered through life, so his sister says, ‘getting away with it’. For many years, Tim has worked as a graphic designer. Some people have called him a ‘design guru’ but Tim would never tell you this because he can’t pronounce ‘guru’ – it comes out, ‘guwu’.

This is Tim in order of importance: dad, designer, doodler, sporty-person, artist, writer, cook, other stuff. Tim has the ability to be bored, naughty, funny, ridiculous, lazy, creative, annoying and vaguely romantic all at the same time. You just have to pick the wheat from the chaff.

He still believes in Father Christmas and has yet to work out how to defrost coconut ice.