Hello, come on in, wipe your feet on the way out…

You’ve found Tim Furr’s stuff. It’s his little cornucopia of creativeness. A collection of his art, picture books and greeting cards.  You can purchase all Tim’s stuff in the shop bit. Tim’s art are limited editions. Short print runs of 12 and when another edition is printed – something else is added to the piece or taken away to make each run of 12 unique in its own way.
You can also find me on my Facebook page. Artyfarystuff-newbury and on instagram – artyfarystuffnewbury.

Thanks for pooping by.


My art

My art is a bit random. I experiment with lots of different styles. It’s a little bit naughty, it’s a little bit cheeky, it’s a little bit romantic, a little bit deep, a little bit shallow and a little bit funny (allegedly). Responses when people see my stuff include, ‘I love it!’ ‘Quirky’, ‘Different’ and, ‘Are you mental?’

All my art for sale on my website are A3 unframed digital prints unless otherwise stated.

My Picture Books

I have written and illustrated four picture books. The first is about a boy who keeps blowing off. The second, a tale about a girl who catches the sun and a story about a dinosaur called Blot. My fourth book, is Monsters, Myths and other Malarkey. It’s about monsters and other stuff too numerous to mention.

I have a small yet eclectic range of greeting cards for every occasion. Actually, that’s a big fib. I don’t have a card for every occasion unless you’re happy sending my ‘farting cat’ card as a ‘get well soon’ card.